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                         JOSHUA MOSLEY BIO

Joshua Mosley is an award-winning composer and producer for film, television, video games, and recording artists. Recent projects include the upcoming Tribeca spotlight documentary Ice Cold in collaboration with Quavo of Migos, Bernie the Dolphin I and II for Lionsgate, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners for Skydance Interactive. 

Stemming from a distinguished background of musicians, Mosley’s grandfather, Robert Douglass, was a professional bassist and arranger who worked with artists such as Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong, and Peggy Lee. Mosley was immersed in a musical environment from a very young age. His mother Cynthia Mosley, a jazz singer and vocal instructor, constantly filled the home with musical inspiration. Mosley began playing the piano at the age of six and went on to pick up the trumpet at age eleven, playing first chair in his high school years. It was during this time that began to produce his own songs and cinematic pieces. The summer of his high school graduation he was cast in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”, which was shot at Mosley’s high school. It was during this experience he fell in love with the art of filmmaking and storytelling. 

Mosley studied film scoring through the renowned Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program.  His composing career began to unfold as he took on projects for clients including Activision, Microsoft, PBS, and National Geographic. 

Mosley has also composed music for festival favorite “Rock Steady Row”, “Mass Effect: Paragon Lost”, “After Earth” the mobile game, and co-composed “Tuscaloosa” starring Natalia Dyer and Devon Bostic. He has also contributed music to projects such as “Ride Along 2”, “The Wedding Ringer”, “Horrible Bosses 2”, “Marvel’s: Agent Carter” (ABC) “Baywatch”“The Edge of Tomorrow”, “Scorpion (CBS)” “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Madam Secretary (CBS)”. Joshua has been honored with seven Telly Awards, an Aurora Award, and Apex Award. He resides in Southern California with his wife Reanne and three children.




  • “Ice Cold” - Produced by Universal Music & Migos (Composer)

  • "Coming 2 America" Produced by Paramount Pictures (Beat production)

  • “Bernie The Dolphin 2” Produced by Lionsgate/Grindstone/Ambi (Composer)

  • “Tuscaloosa” Director Phil Harder, Starring Natalia Dyer and Devon Bostick (Composer)

  • “Marshmello: More Then Music” Produced by YouTube (Composer)

  • “Sides Of A Horn” (Short) Producer Richard Branson, Dir Toby Wosskow (Composer)

  • “One of the Good Ones” Directors Jesy McKinney and Chase Tarca (Composer)

  • "Bernie The Dolphin” Produced by Lionsgate/Grindstone/Ambi (Composer)

  • “Rock Steady Row” (SLAMDANCE Grand Jury Prize) Producer Gunpowder & Sky, Dir. Trevor Stevens (Composer)

  • “Baywatch” Produced by, Paramount Pictures (Composer: Additional Music)

  • “9 Satra: The Legend Of Muay Thai” Producer Exformat Films (Composer: Additional Music)

  • “Mirror” Prod. Kimberley Browning, Dir. Cristal Nitzsche (Composer)

  • “BLK & BLU” Dir. Bertrand Parè (Composer)

  • “X-Men: Apocalypse, Produced by 20th Century Fox (Composer: Additional Music)

  • “Sheep & Wolves” Produced by Wizart Animation (Producer Songwriter Original Theme Song)

  • “The Boss”, Produced by On The Day/Universal, (Music Arranger)

  • “R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls”, Produced by Universal, (Music Arranger)

  • “Ride Along 2”, Produced by Universal, (Music Arranger, Beat Production)

  • “Eternal Salvation”, Produced By Tim Gautier (Composer)

  • “The Wedding Ringer” Produced by Screen Gems, (Music Arranger)

  • “Horrible Bosses 2” Produced by New Line Cinema. ( Musical Arranger)

  • “Edge of Tomorrow” Produced by Warner Bros. (Synth production – composer Christophe Beck)

  • “Think Like a Man Too” Produced by Screen Gems, (Programming – composer Christopher Lennertz)

  • “Itsy Bitsy Spiders” Dir. Bertrand Parè (Composer)

  • “Mass Effect: Paragon Lost” Produced by Funimation/Electronic Arts/Bioware (Composer)

  • “Max Steel: Toxic Legion” Produced by Mattel Co.

  • “Moonrock and Lighter Fluid” Dir. Charles Uy, Starring Austyn Myers of “Meet Dave”

  • ”Almas” Dir. Paul Gordon of “Teen People 20 Teens who will change the world 2001”

  • ”Gopher the Gold” Animated Short Dir. Dave Thornfield

  • “When All Were Asleep” Feature Soundtrack, Dir. Fereydoon Hasanpour

  • “3 Days” Dir. Moe Masoudi

  • “The World’s Greatest” Animated Short, Dir. Paul Gordon

  • “Cole” Trailer Dir. Paul Gordon

  • “Seven Seas” Animated Short Dir. Matt Siditsky

  • “The Faithful” Dir. Jacob Chase


  • “ALT” Season 1 - Gunpowder and Sky

  • “PGA FedEx Cup Tournament” Main Titles (Composer)

  • “PGA FedEx Cup Tournament” Promo (Composer)

  • “American Style: A CNN Series” (CNN) Composer Additional Music)

  • “HBO Boxing After Dark” 2017 Opening Theme (Composer)

  • “Madam Secretary”, (CBS) (Composer: Additional Music)

  • “Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, Disney XD (Synth Orchestration for Ryan Shore)

  • “Marvel’s: Agent Carter” ABC (Synth Production for Christopher Lennertz)

  • “Scorpion”, CBS (Programming for Tony Morales)

  • “Goodwill Granny, Pilot” Mindfox Productions

  • “Max Steel: Turbo Missions” Produced by Mattel Co.

  • “Investigation X” Ep. 1 Discovery Channel (license)

  • “Monsters and Mysteries In Alaska” Ep. Discovery Channel (license)

  • “Operation Wild” Ep. 5 Planet Green/Discovery (license)

  • “Operation Wild” Ep. 4 Planet Green/Discovery (license)

  • “Stringers: LA” Ep. 110 Produced by TruTV (license)

  • “Split Ends” Ep. 504 Style Network. (license)

  • “Split Ends” Ep. 501 Produced by Style Network. (license)

  • “Animal Armageddon” Ep. 5 Discovery / Animal Planet (license)

  • “Animal Armageddon” Ep. 4 Discovery / Animal Planet (license)

  • “Animal Armageddon” Ep. 2 Discovery / Animal Planet (license)

  • “Six Degrees: Could Change the World” National Geographic, Narrator Alec Baldwin

  • “American Great Masterworks” PBS Special, Emmy Winning Dir. Virginia Bogart​

Video Games

  • “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” - Skydance (Composer)

  • “PUBG” Season 5 - Krafton Games (Composer)

  • “Honor Of Kings” - Yun Meng Ze, TENCENT (Composer)

  • “Swimsanity” Decoy Games (Composer)

  • “Deer Hunter - Reloaded” - Game Mechanics (Composer)

  • “Terminator Resistance” Developer, Mogul/EA (Composer)

  • “Unannounced” Developer Tutti Fruiti Games (Composer)

  • “Penguins of Madagascar: Go Commando” Dev, Game Mechanics/Mogul/Dreamworks (Unreleased) (Composer)

  • “DC Hero Portal” Developer, Jakks HK Ltd. (For Orchestral Media) (Composer)

  • “Risk” Developer, Hasbro, Jakks HK Ltd. (For Orchestral Media) (Composer)

  • “NHL 15” Developer, Electronic Arts (Composer: Additional Music)

  • “After Earth” Sony/Overbrook/Reliance Games/Behaviour Interactive (Composer)

  • “Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park” Activision/Black Lantern Studios (Composer)

  • “Gogo’s Crazy Bones” Developer, Black Lantern Studios (Composer)

  • “Xia Xia Pets” Developer, Black Lantern Studios (Composer)

  • “Monster Truck HD” Developer, Stimunition (Composer)

  • “DaGeDar” Developer, Black Lantern Studios (Composer)

  • “High Flyer Death Defyer” Developer, Game Mechanics (Composer)

  • “Ms. Splosion Man” Developer, Twisted Pixel (Composer)

  • “Axe Body Spray Ad Game” Developer, Stimunition (Composer)

  • “Comic Jumper” Developer, Twisted Pixel (Composer)

  • “Battle of the Flying Saucers” Developer, Isopod (Composer)

  • “Splosion Man” Developer, Twisted Pixel (Composer)

  • “Sparta Lords of War” Developer, Pocket Monkey (Composer)

  • “The Hardy Boys” Publisher, Dreamcatcher Interactive, Starring the voice of Jesse McCartney (Composer)

  • “Agatha Christie’s: “Evil Under the Sun” Developer Awe Games (Composer)

  • “Neverend” Developer Dreamcatcher Interactive

  • “Patriots: A Nation Under Fire” Developer Dreamcatcher Interactive (Composer)

  • “Agatha Christie’s: “Murder on the Orient Express” Developer Awe Games(Composer)

  • “Safe Cracker” Developer Dreamcatcher Interactive (Composer)

  • “Strike & Retrieve” Offical Game of US Navy, Developer Whatif Productions (Composer)

  • “Hunting Unlimited 3” Developer Hip Games – Pub. Arush (Composer)

  • “Hunting Unlimited 2” Developer SCS Software, Pub. Arush (Composer)


  • “Outback Steak House - Game Changer”

  • “Nest - Quiet”

  • “Polo Ralph Lauren - 2018 Winter Olympics Jacket”

  • “Amazon – Kindle Voyage”

  • “Interstellar Experience” – Paramount/Warner Bros.

  • “Ram Tech” – Agency, Welch Group

  • “Avon – Only Imagine” – Music & Strategy

  • “New York Stock Exchange – Manchester U” – Music & Strategy

  • “Power Bar “Manifesto” [Director, Jonathan Green]

  • “Power Bar “Go to Market” [Director, Jonathan Green]

  • “Money Tree” “Grand Opening” [Director, Paul Gordon]

  • “Money Tree ” Sugar Water” [Director, Paul Gordon]

  • “Money Tree” “Cab Driver” [Director, Paul Gordon]

  • “Money Tree” “PSA” [Director, Paul Gordon]

  • “Money Tree” “Choices” [Director, Paul Gordon]

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